Tips for Going Virtual – Episode 103

Kim and Tammi share with us some tips about going virtual. They talk about the phone, screen sharing, and the possibility of video. They want to encourage us to use new technologies for reaching our clients in the best way and grow!

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Show Notes

  • Kim talks about a thank you card that one of the members on the movement gave to her – 1:29
  • Get in touch with Tammi – 4:00
  • Kim talks about some ways to have a membership and be part of the prosperity economics movement – 5:50
  • Some ideas of virtual business – 8:24
  • The importance of the web for your business – 8:55
  • Easy steps for somebody that tries to expand their business – 9:03
  • She talks with us about  “The advisor 20-20” – 9:30
  • What are the tools for going virtual? – 10:10
  • Be willing to talk to people over the phone – 11:49
  • Tips about the screen sharing environment – 11:58
  • Why silence is valuable, important and helpful –  15:30
  • Kim recommends us to use a special microphone – 18:17
  • Zoom: Video Conferencing – 22:19
  • They recommend us to listen to the Isis and Pedro Palicio Podcast about going virtual – 24:30

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