Top 5 Questions To Ask Clients – Episode 91

Kim tells us about the top 5 question she asks clients to help them understand the financial truth. She also talks about how she makes them feel like they are not being judged, so they can relax and share more information with her.

She shares the importance of making an agenda with very important steps, that way it becomes all about the customers and less about you.

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Show Notes

  • Sharing the truth is so important because what the media shares is not true. – 3:33
  • Why when we share the truth we have to expect some resistance from the others – 4:39
  • Kim often starts the conversation asking: What question do you have? – 10:20
  • A super important question to ask is: What is working and what’s not? – 13:10
  • How to force your clients to think – 16:50
  • Why we have to be careful with the way we ask questions to avoid offending clients – 20:38

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