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Top Benefits of Attending The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors™ with Patrick Donohoe – Episode 138

We are once again joined by Patrick Donohoe on this Advisor Advantage Podcast as we get a chance to listen to his intellectual wisdom. Join us to get the insight on all the awesome opportunities that you can find in the movement to help your business grow as well as all the information you need about the new Summit for advisors.

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Show Notes

  • The Summit for advisors – 1:57
  • Summit number six – 2:06
  • Why would advisors come? – 2:40
  • New tools to help clients – 5:19
  • The destructive power of ego – 7:55
  • Attending Truth Training – 8:32
  • Patrick’s book recommendation: Where Good Ideas Come From – 10:35
  • Phenomenal ambiance – 11:31
  • Great opportunities at the Summit – 12:20
  • New intellectual capital -17:08

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