Top Producer Insights with Lenny Martin – Episode 46

Lenny Martin has a wealth of knowledge in the financial industry and has a unique viewpoint on what top producing advisors are doing to grow their businesses. In this episode Tammi and Lenny talk about referral marketing and how advisors can take advantage of the changes in the industry.

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Show Notes

  • Lenny’s background in the industry – 1:31
  • How he feels the Prosper Economics Movement is positioned to help advisors moving forward – 2:30
  • Why it’s not the product that makes a difference – 3:17
  • How advisors can take advantage of the changes in the industry – 5:15
  • The thing top producers and companies don’t talk about but is critical to success – 8:15
  • Why referrals are the best way to be in the business – 9:34
  • Diving deeper into referrals – 11:36
  • How advisors can get in touch with Lenny – 15:34

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