Transform and Transcend in The Movement with Kim Butler – Episode 35

Kim Butler shares exciting news about the movement featuring new platforms built for advisors. The Transform and Transcend has been a work in progress for the past 5 years and is certain to make a positive impact to many advisors.

To learn more about the prosperity movement and help you and your clients build and keep wealth visit www.TheAdvisorAdvantage.com

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Show Notes

  • Kim explaining the CLUE acronym – 0:47
  • Using ‘The Movement’ as a marketing benefit – 3:00
  • Advisors should either love the principles and material or not be involved – 5:53
  • What to do if you want to be a part of the movement – 7:30
  • The difference between the transform and transcend membership levels – 10:35
  • Do you have a backstop succession plan in your business? – 13:03
  • Kim has been working on this vision and plan for the past 5 years – 15:32
  • To sign up for Transform go to https://prosperityeconomicsadvisors.com/memberships/transform/ – 17:28

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