Transitioning Into This Industry with Ryley Smith – Episode 56

Ryley Smith worked in the medical industry but felt like there was something greater that was pulling him to work in the financial industry. After making the leap into a new field he talks with Tammi Brannan about how he made the transition and how he’s creating win/win situations for his clients and business by having the correct mindset and principles to guide him.

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Show Notes

  • Ryley’s background – 1:48
  • Why he moved from the medical industry to the financial industry – 3:38
  • How he made this transition without the proof in advance – 7:14
  • Why personal development is so important to Ryley – 10:05
  • Creating a win/win situation for clients and his business – 11:50
  • Identifying where you want to be in the future – 13:15
  • How he manages his mind to be on the client needs and not his needs – 18:59

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