Understanding PEM Dynamix with Elizabeth Hagenlocher – Episode 232

About a year ago, Kim was really excited because she found another tool that would help advisors be effective for their clients and this tool is a CRM system (Client Relations Management System), it’s extra special. It’s custom designed for the Prosperity Economic Movement, if you’re looking for a tool that would help you manage systems, listen to this podcast as Tammi interviews Elizabeth Hagenlocher who will explain more about this tool. 

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Show Notes

  • All the things that Elizabeth does for the Prosperity Economic Movement – 1:29
  • Getting educated – 3:25
  • What is PEM Dynamix and what it does for advisors – 4:29
  • It can save you a lot of time – 5:58
  • Truth Concepts as a tool – 6:34
  • Advisors can create content – 8:26
  • Reach out to Elizabeth if you have any questions – 13:48
  • What you should know about PEM Dynamix – 15:25

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