Unlocking Wealth Legacies with William Larsen – Episode 300

On the “Advisor Advantage Podcast,” host Michael Shaw sits down with advisor William Larsen – an insurance broker with a passion for impact. William shares his journey from career-changing dad to financial guide, turning personal challenges into a mission to assist others. William’s hands-on, empathetic approach embodies the podcast’s spirit, offering listeners deep insight into creating value and legacies for clients and their families. Tune in to be inspired by William’s dedication to making a difference.

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Show Notes

  • Personal narrative shapes career choice.
  • Prioritization approach for clients: Availability.
  • Pursuing perpetual mastery through teaching.
  • Overcoming rejection in the advisory business.
  • Encouraging expansive thinking in business.
  • Importance of designing your life and business goals.
  • Instilling financial education in the next generation.
  • Origin of interest in business and entrepreneurship. 
  • The impact of family values on business philosophy. 
  • Developing deep connections with clients.

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