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Updating the Truth Concepts Calculators with Todd Langford – Episode 255

Tammi interviews Todd Langford, they talk about the importance of growth. Todd has a great example because he took an opportunity to do something that required a lot of time to be done. He talks about the benefits of doing that and the importance of investing in growth, he also dives into the updating of the Truth Concepts Calculators.

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Show Notes

  • The construction zone of the Truth Concepts software – 1:59
  • It’s important to the clients – 4:41
  • A needed expansion – 5:09
  • Announcing something for Truth Concepts – 5:55
  • Nobody likes change – 6:30
  • Having solid numbers to talk to clients about some concepts – 8:15
  • Shifting our thinking – 11:20
  • Come to the next Truth Training! – 13:08
  • Making the product more effective for the users – 15:46
  • We all like results – 17:37
  • Change will happen! – 18:55

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