Using Strategic Support to Grow with Emily Morgan – Episode 52

Emily Morgan is the founder of Delegate Solutions which is a service that helps advisors grow their businesses by leveraging the talents of other team members. Together Tammi and Emily talk about different examples and strategies you can apply to your business.

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Show Notes

  • Background of Delegate Solutions – 1:48
  • Why Emily loves helping people with her services – 2:53
  • How advisors can test the waters of outsourcing – 4:55
  • Focusing on the top 20 in your business – 8:43
  • Why having accountability is a crucial part of delegation – 9:51
  • Using a team vs an individual – 10:50
  • Examples of tasks Delegate Solutions takes on – 12:37
  • Get your score assessment at – 15:21
  • How it’s a complete team effort with continual support – 17:24

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