Using Verbal Gimmicks with Kim Butler – Episode 213

Kim and Tammi talk about how advisors need to see the value of whole life and how they are not supposed to use verbal gimmicks, so, if you want to understand more about how to help clients, this episode is for you!


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Show Notes

  • Talking about gimmicks – 2:21
  • A particular gimmick that Kim explains- 3:33
  • Shift your thinking – 4:15
  • How to utilize your death benefit – 5:11
  • Use Todd’s Truth Concepts – 6:29
  • Borrowing against the cash value – 7:04
  • Life insurance as a place to store cash – 8:15
  • What happens when you use gimmicks – 11:41
  • With gimmicks, you are not helping yourself – 15:48
  • Learning at Truth Trainings – 18:17
  • The importance of perpetual learning – 19:17
  • Attending Truth Training at least ten times – 20:38


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