What Do You Do With a Chance With Kim Butler – Episode 269

While taking risks is a reality of life, taking a chance can be an instrument for your success.

For the last episode of the three-part series, Tammi and Kim talk about the third book: What Do You Do With a Chance? Together, they discuss taking chances, how to deal with them, and the importance of not ignoring your chances in life. They also defined the moral of the story out of the three books and how big of an impact these children’s books are on other people’s lives, even those taking the path of business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

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Show Notes

  • What do you do with a chance? – 0:27
  • One day I got a chance, it just seemed to show up. – 0:59
  • Our imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions. – 2:21
  • The more I ignored them, the less they came around. – 3:13
  • Realizing the word letting go. – 4:09
  • His natural enthusiasm for the chance overcame his fear. – 4:40
  • The definition of chance. – 5:44
  • The moral of the story out of the three books. – 7:57
  • Fear is really self-focused. – 10:31 

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