What is the Takeaway for 3 PEM Events in 2022 – Episode 261

Are you looking for a community to help you learn?

In this first episode of the three-part series of Prosperity Economic Movement 5.0, Tammi and Kim talk about the three membership levels for advisors looking for learning and ways to gain confidence. They also emphasize the benefits of joining the Honorary Movement, which is the first level.

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Show Notes

  • PEM 5.0: 3 Levels of Membership – 0:24
  • Honorary Level of Membership – 1:50
  • Advisors need to revamp their business – 4:11
  • How can the Honorary Movement be a solution? – 5:07
  • Why did Kim start this movement? – 7:32
  • The Limo Ride for the Advisors – 8:38
  • Another Level of Community – 10:00
  • The success that advisors can benefit from the Honorary Movement – 13:30
  • Failures that can be avoided – 15:01
  • Everyone here is positive – 16:55

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