What to Do With an Idea with Kim Butler – Episode 267

How do you usually come up with an idea — whether it’s for your personal life, your career, or your business?

For the first part of the three-part series, Tammi and Kim talk about the book What to Do With an Idea? They discuss the three ideas that got them hooked to the book and the part that “ideas” play.

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Show Notes

  • What do you do with an idea? – 0:46
  • Out of the three ideas, what really got Kim? – 3:23
  • Fragile: What does it look like? What does it feel like? – 4:35
  • Some of the reasons why an idea feels fragile for us. – 5:29 
  • Act as if. – 6:16
  • My idea grew. So did my love for it. – 6:54
  • The idea just doesn’t give up on you. – 8:17
  • The ability to see things differently is a classic skill of an entrepreneur. – 8:56
  • Pursue the idea, even if you’re at school. – 11:13

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