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When and If to Bring in Another Advisor with Kim Butler – Episode 201

Kim and Tammi discuss the question WHEN and IF to bring in another advisor to help you answer the questions with your client. They discuss the three ways to get the information that you need without having to bring in another advisor, if that’s an issue for you, you will love today’s podcast.


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Show Notes

  • The capability of the client – 2:12
  • Your own confidence level and training – 4:09
  • The power of humility – 4:30
  • Building a relationship – 7:49
  • Having transparency with a client – 8:06
  • You need to know when something might be wrong – 9:41
  • Confidence that comes from actual knowledge – 10:34
  • The next Truth Training – 11:50
  • The virtual summit – 12:53
  • The free membership – 14:36
  • An in-person summit for advisors – 16:33


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