Where to Get Vince D’Addona’s “Parallel Paths” – Episode 252

Today’s podcast is part of last week’s episode where Tammi and Kim talked about how to best help prospecting clients and regular clients how to accept new ways of thinking. Kim and Tammi share Vince D’Addona’s parallel paths and where you can access this simple tool that helps engage a client with new information.

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Show Notes

  • What’s a mental framework and how you can use it – 1:32
  • A quote that Kim shares from a book – 3:34
  • Why Truth Concepts is also a framework – 5:56
  • The power of a framework is huge – 6:50
  • Parallel Paths as a fabulous framework – 9:12
  • Training on parallel paths – 13:32
  • Creating value for people – 15:09

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