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Where to Prosperity Economics Movement is Headed – Episode 51

Kim D. H. Butler and Tammi Brannan talk about the Prosperity Economics Movement and where it’s headed in the future. They also share the difference between goals and a vision and how we can gain clarity for the future.

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To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement


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Show Notes

  • Why the people themselves are the leaders of the movement – 2:30
  • Where the movement is headed – 4:15
  • Events, cruise, whitepapers and client content – 6:12
  • Make yourself afraid so you don’t age – 10:57
  • Why you need to take vacations along the way – 12:20
  • The movement stretch goal – 14:48
  • Your vision and SMART goals – 16:31
  • ‘Workplace’ a community and platform for the movement – 19:11

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