AA 006 Curtis May

Why Education Is The First Step – Curtis May – Episode 006

Curtis May talks with host Tammi Brannan about how he chooses which clients to work with and why education is the first step in the process.

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Links in this Episode:
The Summit – www.TheSummit4Advisors.com

Show Notes:
00:00 Introduction
00:51 Today’s Guest: Curtis May
01:42 Why it felt like he had his first year 7 times over
03:15 Transitioning from traditional financial planning to alternative investing
05:50 Prosperity economics allows him to teach people a new way of thinking
07:19 Using prosperity tools and helping people think
11:47 Why the first step is to educate
14:11 What Curtis looks for in his initial 30 minute meeting with clients
17:30 How to decide if a client is worth taking on
19:06 We are not in the financial services business. We are in the marketing business.
20:30 Curtis’s #1 objective this year
23:21 Why he’s attending The Summit this year


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