Why Have a Team of Roofers Pounding in Background with Kim Butler – Episode 264

Why have a team?

In this episode, Kim and Tammi explain why having a team is essential. And as a leader, you must enable growth, uniqueness, creativity to prosper for your people. Also, they emphasize how service should be like — fun and not miserable. 

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Show Notes

  • There are people who love doing what you hate – 1:25
  • Why business owners should consider having a team – 2:42
  • Go slow, start small – 6:09
  • The Activity Tracker: Ranking your dislikes, what you hate and love – 7:16
  • The “Why” of the team – 9:27
  • Smashing the glass ceiling to unleash your full potential – 11:14
  • Find an additional thing to focus on aside from your business – 14:13

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