Why You Should be at a Truth Training with Patrick Donohoe – Episode 177

Today’s conversation between Tammi Brannan and Patrick Donohoe will make you want to be at a Truth Training.  This training for Advisors offers an understanding of different aspects of financial strategies, how to be a leader in your business, and how to better help your clients! But probably the most important training it offers are strategies to communicate with others efficiently. Be sure to register for this training, you’ll see the results!

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Show Notes
  • Every single person is unique – 1:10
  • Talking to advisors every day – 3:02
  • A needful thing for advisors right now – 3:25
  • Trying to find pieces of truth – 6:31
  • Offering the Truth Training for advisors – 9:20
  • Understanding different aspects of financial strategies – 12:11
  • Learning about systems and teamwork – 15:42
  • Everyone is different – 25:20
  • One of the things that make a leader a true leader – 27:40
  • Being able to communicate yourself – 28:55
  • Searching for the truth – 34:03

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