Why You Shouldn’t Work With Alternative Investments – Episode 101

Kim explains why in some cases is not right to do alternative investments and encourages every advisor to follow their true instinct.

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Show Notes

  • Why you shouldn’t work with alternative investments – 3:20
  • How do you make a good decision around an opportunity – 4:10
  • She tells us that she love follow her instinct – 5:20
  • Kim’s background – 8:20
  • Kim explains to us that some advisors can’t be involved in alternative investments – 10:50
  • She explains that the movement is about telling the truth – 12:10
  • Telling the truth and follow the principles is a requirement – 15:03
  • The ability to keep learning is what makes people live young – 17:10
  • There aren’ some advisors involved in alternative investments – 18:30

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