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The Winners and Losers of Trump’s New Tax Plan – Bonus Episode

President Trump just released his tax and there are some shocking winners and losers. In this special bonus episode our friend and leader in the movement Patrick Donohoe from The Wealth Standard Radio podcast talks with Tom Wheelwright who has also been featured on the podcast a as tax expert. They share insights about this new tax plan and how it may affect our finances and investments moving forward.

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Show Notes

  • Is this really a tax bill or hype – 2:23
  • Understanding the differences between the Senate and House bill – 3:35
  • Why the VAT is really our biggest enemy overseas – 6:52
  • Who really has the most to gain in this tax bill – yes, it’s Wall Street -17:20
  • Surprises with over 400 pages of pork spending inside – 21:47
  • Job, jobs, jobs – Why this has the Trump narrative all over it – 35:58
  • The biggest tax opportunity is real estate, and why it’s a big deal – 39:10
  • The biggest losers in the tax plan – 42:22
  • Would America benefit from a VAT? – 48:46

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