Working with Non-Ideal Clients – Episode 187

Tammi and Kim talk about how to discern between an ideal client and a not-so-ideal client. Kim shares about how she handled conversations with a couple that weren’t her ideal clients. Be sure to stay tuned to learn the importance of working with ideal clients and how to search for only ideal clients for your business.

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Show Notes

    • A case study of ideal clients – 1:01
    • The clients were interested in life insurance – 1:31
    • Counseling clients about truth concepts calculators and much more – 2:30
    • Meeting number three with those clients: What would you do if there’s no connection with the client? – 3:10
    • What is it that you want your money to do? – 4:17
    • The difference between savings and investing – 5:17
    • What’s a non-ideal client? – 8:08
    • What happens when your client makes you feel that you’re not going in the right direction – 8:33
    • Experience with clients that are not ideal – 12:31
    • Kim recommends advisors to focus on what your client wants – 14:56

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