Your Personal Growth Should Be Reflected in Your Business with Kim Butler – Episode 259

Whether it is for your business, your career or even your life, having a mentor is crucial for continuity. However, looking for a great mentor can be a hit or miss: You might have to undergo a series of advisors to find someone who can work with you, your goals, and the obstacles.

Continuing her interview with Kim Butler, Tammi and Kim talk about the different resources that people can use to start with. Kim also discusses the reasons why she and her team are providing information for free: It’s going to make an impact, not only to the advisors but also to the clients and their families.

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Show Notes

  • What the topics for today are all about. – 0:07
  • The sense of evolution and evolving as a person. – 0:56
  • Is maintenance a thing? – 2:33
  • It’s hard to admit that what you’re doing isn’t working. – 7:29
  • The free resources where people can start. – 8:10
  • What’s the reason why Kim and the team provide so much information for free? – 9:31
  • Hoping to mold and shape the next generation of advisors. – 13:57
  • The consequences of the straight and narrow path. – 16:54

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